Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas coming

Ah, the material madness descends.  But at least this Christmas I'll get to see some family.  One cousin died, whom I had not seen in many years.  That felt pretty bad.  I'll have to make more efforts in future to keep in touch.  So much going on, though. 

I'm getting more and more ideas for my next book, provisionally called "Plenum".  It's about Time, it's about Space, it's about Love and the Human Race!  That sounds familiar, somehow.  It's fun to create the future.  Sometimes I wake up sweating thinking that if I do a good job, it will all come true. 

And I'll be responsible!

I do wonder what the eventual effect of Duck Dynasty will be on the shape of the future.  The descendants of those guys will need at least a whole planet to themselves, full of swamps and ducks and shotguns.  They can book holidays in.