Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Duesberg was right (?)

Does this article mean Duesberg was right to think that the only thing killing Africans other than the usual diseases that have been killing them for millennia is the medication they are given for the non-existent "AIDS" syndrome? What a kick in the head if he is finally vindicated after all these years! This is bigger than oil-for-food-scam or global warming-gate or any of the other frauds perpetrated by the new collectivists. Scary to think that just when I had about given up on the theory, after buying Duesberg's book, and Kary Mullis's, it may surface once again. This time, though, the blogosphere is ready to take it on big time and examine it from every possible point of view. Why do I feel the NIH and WHO are in big trouble? Couldn't happen to two nicer tyrannical slugocracies.