Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I found a forum for Ayn Rand fans here. It appears to be quite interesting. I left this comment, among others:
Rees-Mogg, in The Sovereign Individual, assumes that it is impossible to reform a large nation-state so that it protects individual liberties appropriately. He predicts that Internet technology will develop to the point that assets and privacy can be protected cheaply from anywhere in the world. He suggests that a number of mini-states will arise offering citizenship "packages" to wealthy or merely well-off sovereign individuals. He cites Hong Kong and Switzerland as examples of highly efficient, extremely prosperous regimes where an individual can now or soon will be able to purchase the protection he needs from the activities of the welfare/warfare nation-states that dominate the world.

I think he's right in that the project of coming up with a scheme to protect individual rights in a large democracy is a fool's quest. What's important is to develop a strategy to protect one's own interests, as one does not owe anything to others. If one could realize Galt's Gulch, why worry about the rest of the world reeling along on its merry destructive way?

Maybe I can construct my own mini-state somewhere near Trebizond/Trabzon.
Cloned appetizers

This article claims that Koreans are cloning dogs to be "companion animals"! Right. Companion to the kimchee and rice, I bet. I wonder if they've heard of "hush puppies"?

Monday, August 01, 2005

Tiny houses
I'm amazed at the variety of small affordable houses available, such as these. I love the pictures, but the words are all about "saving the planet" and "sustainability" and other stupid nonsense. Darn it, I want a cheap place to live that doesn't take a lot of cleaning and that is easy to heat and cool. Maybe when I get rich I'll add another, or maybe four of them around an atrium with a swimming pool. I am glad there are so many varieties. I also like the idea of trailering one of the itsy bitsies, although the peaked roofs on most of them would appear to make them dangerous to take on roads with overpasses. I wonder if my Peugeot 505 could drag one safely over the Rockies? Maybe one could come up with a peaked-roof tiny house with the loft attic arranged so that it could be folded down for traveling, like a tent trailer. I'm encouraged, anyway.

My latest obsession is with Trabzon, Turkey, where maybe someday I can buy a tiny house. Or maybe buy a boat and keep it in the harbor. Hmm, a houseboat. Now I'm thinking. Tiny house on the Black Sea, duplicating the Argo. Off to find the Golden Fleece and fight the Amazons. Metaphorically!