Monday, December 24, 2007

Four types of men

Some men are smart. Some are stupid. Some men are weak, some are tough. I do not use the word "strong" because the toughness I speak of has nothing to do with bodily strength, except in that tough men usually take steps to make sure their bodies are strong to the extent their genes make that possible. A very physically strong man can be mentally and morally weak.

These dimensions of men's characters lead to the following categorization. Four basic groups appear:
A. Weak, stupid men. Most men in the world.

B. Tough, stupid men. Most criminals, most lesser authority figures

C. Weak, smart men. Most academics, bureaucrats, intellectuals

D. Tough, smart men All rulers and true warriors, some criminals.

So you have to be more than smart to be at the top of the heap, in any profession worth pursuing. A high IQ is necessary to dominance, but not sufficient. What I call TQ is as important.