Friday, August 11, 2006

You never expect the Objectivist Inquisition!

Polipundit had a news post about the difficulties of controlling Islamic access to airlines after the recent bomb plot:
Tell me again why it’s ok that security isn’t allowed to pull more then 2 Middle Eastern looking passengers off of airport check-in lines for searches or how nuts it is that security is strip searching a 75 year old grandmother or making a new mother drink her babies formula from the bottle

I have an easy solution:
Require each potential passenger to step on a picture of Mohammed in order to board a plane. Serve pork with every on board meal or snack.
More realistically, all flights from or to nations with a significant portion of Muslims should be funneled through a "quarantine center" where lengthy and utterly thorough investigations of every Islamic passenger are carried out as slowly as possible. They want to mess up the air travel system? Fine. They suffer.
Come to think of it, they should have to pay for it, too. And they should be required to contribute to a disaster fund to compensate victims of any terrorism perpetrated by any Muslims who are citizens of their countries or who trained or plotted with any citizens of their countries. Let's see how long that oil money lasts.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mice, bees and Castro

Marginal Revolution had a speculative post on Castro's situation:
Note that Raul has not shown his face either. Are there alternative hypotheses? The desire for a grand reentrance? After all, a growing number of Cuban officials are talking of Castro's return...

I had to respond to a comment about how if you judged someone's potential for continuing tyranny by whether they appeared on television or not Mickey Mouse would be a tyrant thusly:
"a lot of the world thought that Mickey Mouse was a tyrant during the last century..."

Better ask Minnie about that. And maybe, while you're at it, ask her to answer the question of the century: You and Mickey are mice, Pluto's a dog, Donald's a duck but what the heck is Goofy, anyway?

I can't help thinking though, that the queen bee who is born first after the old queen dies has to go around and kill her royal sisters before they emerge from their cells. If she doesn't act quickly and one emerges, there's a fight to the death.

Maybe El Beardo is in a coma. If Raul is his closest relative on the island and the doctor asks if extraordinary measures should be taken to keep him alive, I wonder what Raul would say? Because I think we know what his daughter in Miami would say. I predict a radical reversal of positions since the Schiavo affair on whether people in comas should be kept alive, especially by the lefty Fidel-is-God crowd.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mark Steyn gets it

A propos of my last post, it would appear that Mark Steyn understands the importance of using the right terminology:

"In the struggle between America and global Islam, ...

After all, since the Islamists are railing against the whole "modern" world, to treat them as a unit would only be "proportionate", right?