Friday, January 10, 2003

Love that global warming!
Reports keep coming in of colder than usual weather from Europe to the Siberian north. Apparently you can walk from Finland to Sweden over the Gulf of Bothnia. Next we'll be skating on the Thames, as Pepys reported, in "hard, frosty weather". (The Thames skating post is not up yet) Don't the whines of the global warming fanatics remind you of those doomsayers who always say the stock market will go down, or the gold bugs who say a crisis is right around the corner that will boost the price of gold through the stratosphere? And whatever happened to the "The ozone hole is growing, we'll all get skin cancer" dorks? At least Cassandra was right! The problem with hoping that bad things will happen is that, even if you're right, things will, by definition, be bad.
He lies
Does anyone actually believe this idiot? Are there even any Democrats, former Carter/Clinton diplomats or Nobel prize electors who really believe that North Korea is not going to do everything they can to produce nuclear weapons? And sell them to anyone who can pay? Maybe I'm just an incurable optimist, but I can't imagine anyone so naive and stupid could be competent enough to breathe regularly.
Double Dumbass
Some academic idiot is accusing the government of overfeeding the poor. !! !! Yes, you heard me right. The Food Nazis care so much about the poor that they are criticizing the Food Stamp program for letting the eligible unfortunates and losers and parasites - that should cover everyone - buy any food they want and making them get fat. Just imagine. Those stupid poor can buy potato chips instead of celery, soda pop instead of Evian water, Twinkies instead of carrot cake! The Horror!! They don't mention there are already severe restrictions on what can be bought with food stamps. No alcohol - even though recent studies have shown that a drink a day can reduce the incidence of heart attack. No prepared food, although many food stamp recipients have minimal or no facilities to cook food and are WAY too dumb to watch Julia Child on Public TV and learn how to cook properly. WIC, a supplemental program for mothers with young children, has the most incredibly Byzantine set of restrictions on exactly what can be bought with WIC checks. Many's the time I've rolled my eyes and drummed my fingers while a young unfortunate or whatever mother in front of me has her WIC selections examined by the cashier to make sure nothing but eggs, orange juice, milk and the PROPER cereals are paid for by the WIC check. It can take hours. Well, OK, minutes anyway. Now the FN's want me to wait even longer so everything being bought with food stamps is scrutinized to make sure it meets some PC standards that are both irrational and obsolete. Next thing you know they'll be demanding the poor eat only organic foods, at three times the cost, no nasty oppressive masculine meat and only the best imported olive oil. Just because they're poor, why should they have to have less money to spend on food? And if they're stigmatized by the delay letting everyone know they're using food stamps, well, why don't we just make everyone use food stamps? Then we could control exactly what everyone ate. Wouldn't that just be the best thing? Morons.
This UN moron (but I repeat myself) not only has the stupidity to wring his hands about a non-existent disease, but has to throw in a gratuitous slap at the end of the article about the horror of the coming war in Iraq. And he's talking about Africa, where wars are going on all over the landscape. Pigmies are being eaten, for God's sake, in the Congo. Algeria hosts an AlQaeda-linked rebel movement that kills more innocent Muslim civilians in a month than have been killed while being used as human shields by Hamas and Fatah cowards in the West Bank and Gaza for the last ten years. Robert "Crazy-ass" Mugabe in Zimbabwe is dispossessing the only people in the country who know how to grow food and simultaneously rejecting "Genetically modified" food on the advice of his Euroweenie PC friends, who are not - yet - starving to death. Nigeria is stoning women to death for adultery and threatening death to beauty pageant managers. And HE'S UPSET ABOUT THE LIBERATION OF A COUNTRY FROM A BLOODY DICTATOR ARMED WITH POISON GAS AND ANTHRAX!!! Ok, now he's got me upset. Deep breath. Focus. What can be done to destroy, eliminate, bankrupt, reduce to a nullity the United Nations? Any ideas?
Thanks to Inoperable Terran - one of my favorite news-link sites - for a link to my article on the LeMonde editorial. Now let's see if anyone wants to get a comments discussion going. I have such comment-envy when I go to Rachel Lucas and Asymmetrical Information. I wouldn't even mind a troll or two.
Many marriages are like this:

It’s as though you had two people who were hitting themselves over the head, repeatedly, each hitting himself, and neither of them realizing they were doing it. Then all of a sudden one of them realizes what he’s doing and that it hurts and that he can stop if he wants. Now would it make sense for him to turn to the other one and say, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea! If you stop hitting yourself on the head, I’ll stop hitting myself. How about it?”
Does that make sense? What should the man who realizes what he’s doing do? Right! He should STOP HITTING HIMSELF ON THE HEAD! Despite what anyone else is doing.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

Verbum supra!
Clinton is being mentioned as a possible Chancellor of Oxford (I told you Europe was doomed!) So the dog Latin specialists over there have come up with a celebratory poem.(via the International Sentinel) You really need to read this. I'm not going to try to translate it. You need to. "Togam maculatam" to you!
Hyphenated fuzzy thinking
The recent use by women of hyphenated names, their maiden last name and their husband's last name, has always bothered me, for a number of reasons.

The first is that the women who tend to do this are leftover hippie-dippy chicks who, unlike myself, have not managed to shake off the effects of narcissism and resentment at the nature of reality.

The second is that it doesn't make any sense, because it can't be carried on very long. Say if Mrs. Rainbow Smith-Jones (her maiden name was Smith) and Mr. Peacepipe Jones have a daughter, Nebula Smith-Jones, what will her name be if she gets married to the son of Jane Roe (now Roe-Doe) and John Doe? Nebula Smith-Jones-Roe-Doe? You can see this doesn't provide a solution to the non-problem of perpetuating male oppression for very long. Few people are going to want to carry around their entire genealogy on their business cards.

The third problem is that the use of conjoined names was and is a legacy from the aristocratic practice of marrying to unite two families and those rich people could have names as long as they wanted because they had servants. Both names were retained so that the offspring could boast that they belonged to two important families, or at least one important one and one whose patriarch - with a lot of help from the matriarch - had the smarts to marry his daughter off to an important one. Take, for instance, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (although she at least eschews the hyphen). But in the modern world, the practice ended because people didn't want to be pretentious. And it doesn't help that the arranged marriages commemorated by these compound names were hardly examples of individual choice and feminist freedom. The users of these odious hyphens seem to be totally oblivious to the historical context.

The fourth problem, that I just realized today, is that the use of such a name makes it obvious that you're married. If you're unmarried and your name is Debbie Goodman and everyone knows you're Debbie Goodman and then all of a sudden you're Debbie Goodman-Gates, your patriarch having made a VERY shrewd deal with a scion of the modern nobility, everyone knows you're married. But the whole point of keeping on using "Ms" instead of switching to "Mrs." when you get married is to hide the fact that you did something so bourgeois and dated as getting married and also not to make the single girls feel bad right away. But if you keep your maiden name, all the trouble of hooking your man will have been entirely for naught. I should have known the essential characteristics of feminity would have found a way around PC-ness. My faith in human nature is restored.
Europe not only doomed, defeated
OK, I don't have my French dictionary with me, but I managed to struggle through this editorial in LeMonde and they seem to be saying that Europe is "defeated" (defaite). Does this go beyond "doomed"? Probably. They also seem to be assuming that Bush's tax cut plan will lead to bigger deficits, in the range of 4%. So they are also assuming that spending will not be cut. I don't know. Jeb Bush in Florida seems to be dedicated to cutting spending. In his inaugural speech yesterday, which I attended briefly, he actually said that he'd like to see the government buildings that surround the Capitol in what passes for downtown in Tallahassee empty in a few years. I could feel a shiver of fear pass through the gangs of state workers listening. George W. has broken with Ted Kennedy about paying off the teacher's unions. Not a bad idea politically, since they're not going to support Republicans anyway. So maybe we'll get lower taxes AND lower spending and more prosperity and can watch the Europeans raise taxes and ratchet up spending and disappear down the rathole they so richly deserve. Life is good.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Attaque Generalisee sur le Fromage!
The rebels in the Ivory Coast are threatening to attack French forces on all fronts if the Imperial French Army doesn't stop interfering in the Ivorian Civil War. How can the French be so stupid and bloody-minded? Don't they have enough cheese at home? Maybe we should send some military aircraft and then, when French troops are under fire and calling on us for help, we can change our mind and say that we don't think we should take part in their racist oppressive war. When will the world put a stop to the globalization of the French cheese industry? Don't they realize a lot of people don't even like cheese?
Europe is still doomed

Bloomberg has the latest gloomy statistics from the European economic tailspin. The only problem I can see with this situation is that if France goes defunct I won't be able to get my favorite wines any more. But I suppose the vineyards will be the last resource to be surrendered. With the imposition of Shari'a law in France, though, they'll have to stop producing alcohol. But maybe they'll start smuggling out immense quantities of hashish and heroin like the other Islamic states. Then with their luck we'll come to our senses and decriminalize. Serves them right!

Monday, January 06, 2003

More Vernon Howard

The Difference Between You and Me

by Vernon Howard

You are as stubborn as a mule, but I am loyal to my noble beliefs.
You are a blabbermouth, but I am endlessly generous in contributing my wisdom to others.
You are pushy, but I take constructive initiative.
You are a shameless glutton, but I am a daring explorer in the world of food and drink.
You have cunning greed, but I have admirable ambition.
You express childish anger, but I firmly denounce all forms of injustice.
You are rude, but I am not afraid to say what I think.
You indulge in petty gossip, but I discuss other people in order to sympathize and help them.
You are lazy, but I possess relaxed patience.
You think the world owes you a living, but I wish only my rightful rewards so richly deserved.
You have an evil lust for power, but I have a natural talent for social leadership.
You nervously run from one foolishness to another, but I happily pursue many meaningful activities.

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No Blood for Cheese!!
The Imperial French Army, with no consultation with the UN or anyone, has moved troops into the Cote d'Ivoire to suppress a rebellion. They call it "enforcing a ceasefire"! The only possible reason for such an unprovoked aggression must be the presence of something in the Ivory Coast that the French want. Of course, the US aggression against Iraq - which will surely happen someday if organisms of good will don't stop it - is to get oil. Now as I understand it, Ivory Coast produces coffee, but that couldn't do it. The price of coffee is at all-time lows on the world market. So what else would the French fight for? Snails? Cheese! It's got to be cheese! That's the only thing they wouldn't surrender for. The untapped cheese resources of Western Africa must be immense to inspire such ferociously barbaric attacks. I'm confident, though, that the Chomskys, Ralls and Fisks of the world will organize huge anti-French war demonstrations to stop this raping of Third World wealth. You can help by going down to the local French cheese shop and burning all the Camembert you can lay your hands on. Be careful. The proprietor may pretend not to have any Camembert, or Brie, or Roquefort or, perhaps, any cheese at all. But you know what to do. Hit him with a dead parrot and he'll surrender.

Update - Burkinabesque aggression!
The foreigners are of course responsible for the fighting in Ivory Coast. Westerners? No, Northerners, immigrant Burkinabes from Burkina Faso, to be exact. The government's totally logical response, to throw out the immigrant invaders, will, I am sure, be roundly criticized by France and the EU. I mean, we can't have people restricting immigration and threatening to expel millions on the basis of country of origin. That would make us just as bad as those nasty xenophobic Americans. Wouldn't it?

Update - Genocide!
The Imperial French Occupation Force has struck again, killing 30 Ivory Coast residents. No doubt they were unarmed and on their way to church.

The BBC has a statement from a patriotic Ivorian resisting this foreign aggression:

"There was a sort of joy and satisfaction when they spoke of the deaths of young Ivorians killed by French bullets," MPCI spokesman Sidiki Konate told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme.

When will the oppression of the Third World by the frog-eating murderers end? Where is the UN? Michael Moore??

Vernon Howard
I've been a self-help enthusiast for years. I've got shelves of books by everyone from Napoleon Hill to Anthony Robbins to David Schwartz to Shad Helmstetter. Yeah, I know and what do I have to show for it? Well, my new enthusiasm is Vernon Howard. And he's really something. You know how a blogger is posting diet results on his blog? Maybe I'll start posting results from my implementation of Vernon Howard's principles. Mostly he says, "trust yourself", a mind-boggling notion in this era of conformity to authority and kowtowing to celebrity. Some quotes:

“There is a way out of the human problem and anyone can find it.”

A warring world has no power to injure your real nature any more than darkness can shake a tree.

Men who fall from a canoe while standing up to attract attention always claim someone pushed them.

(OK, I'm not saying I completely understand that one yet!)

Like an army doctor treating enemy soldiers, truth is patient and kindly toward the parts of us which resist correction.

Isn't that great? Like an army doctor treating the enemy. Like the Israelis offering their hospitals to terrorists who are trying to kill them. It may seem foolish, but has a higher, nobler purpose, a self-interest thought out more deeply than simple barbarism.

Speaking of the Israelis, the blogosphere has had it totally with the latest "Palestinian" outrage - I use quotes from now on to show the sham and hypocrisy contained in the notion of a "Palestinian people". Lileks and The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler are especially lucid and forceful.

Update - more violence against Muslims - by Muslims
How long before some idiot blames this on Sharon? (Link via LGF) And let's not forget the million dead in the Iran-Iraq war and Afghanistan and the thousands that continue to die in Iraq and Indonesia and Pakistan and Kashmir and the Sudan. It's not just Arabs. Let's see, what do all those places have in common?