Thursday, July 21, 2005

London duds

No, not the socialists. Futile bombings today in London had an odd aspect. All four attempts at bombings failed to go off properly. The detonators detonated but the explosives didn't catch. In all four. How likely is it that this was an accident? My theory is that the bombing group was infiltrated by agents who made sure the bombs weren't going to work properly. Then the bombs and with any luck the bombers could be captured and mucho intelligence gleaned. Sounds like the only reasonable thesis.
Islam and Communism

For seventy years the civilized world fought the adherents of a collectivist ideology who thought nothing of killing millions to enforce their dogma on the entire world. Then the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet empire broke up and Communism was discredited everywhere except in certain universities.

Now the civilized world faces a similar threat from Islam, a collective dogma of a different kind, but similar in that it advocates the use of limitless violence against those who refuse to accept its ideology and will not cease being violent until its advocates are entirely exterminated or its empire is broken as the Communist empire was. The good news is that Islam does not have military forces that begin to compare with the Soviets. The bad news is that it cannot be defeated by containment or military assault or even internal revolt against a particular regime. It needs to be faced on the battlefield of ideology. But that is an advantatge in some ways. I hope to address this topic further in coming days.