Thursday, June 05, 2003

Last Times story I'll ever read?
To read the inside story about the resignation of Howell Raines and Gerald Boyd, I actually went to the NY Times website. I may never do that again, without going through another site. I just don't get my first-rank news from the Times website. Their obvious bias makes it so irritating that I have no reason to go there unless someone else says they saw some good reporting there. In other words, I no longer rely on the Times to put good stories in their paper. They do some good reporting. Virginia Postrel insists that the Times-bashing has hurt some good people. But I can't trust them. So if Instapundit or Sullivan or DenBeste or Lileks or someone else I trust links to them, even Drudge, I will look at the article. But the paper has lost its primary position as not just a news source but a fount of judgment about what IS news.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

What WAS he thinking?
Or was he thinking at all? Let's see. You have outstanding warrants. You're late for your plane. But at least you haven't called attention to yourself. So what do you do? Sure. Call in a bomb threat so you won't miss your plane. It's a once-every-two-weeks overseas flight, right? Nope. A shuttle. And your excuse is what? So what happens?

The man was held on outstanding, unrelated criminal charges and (is) being questioned by the FBI

You were expecting maybe flowers? Heck, why not just saunter up to the counter and ask, "Hey, has that plane I called in the bomb threat on been brought back to the gate yet? I'm ready to go now." Also, "the suspect was not immediately identified". Which makes suspicious me suspect his name has got an "al-" something in it. But that's just me.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Wolfowitz wows 'em
This is more than "interesting" (via Instapundit). It could be a world-historical moment. I've been reading Tom Paine lately. The feeling of 1778 and 1779 is not so far from what I'm feeling today.