Saturday, April 17, 2004

Cortislim diary

Ordered Cortislim last Sunday on the internet, got it today - three bottles. The ads have got me all rarin' to go but I'm determined to start out tomorrow morning. This will be a test of how my body responds to my credulous mind. One is supposed to take one capsule with breakfast, one with lunch. At least for the first thirty days, I'll stick with the two-a-day and then see how things go. I've been off and on with Atkins for about four years now and don't seem to be able to stick with it. I googled Cortislim just to see what people were saying. Found a few good comments, some non-specific warnings. I like the idea of sleeping better and dealing more successfully with stress.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Israelis are putting Hamas on a severe reducing diet. When Sheikh Yassin was disintegrated a few weeks ago, everyone was joking that whoever took over better have his life insurance paid up. And now Rantissi has been given the big pass to the amusement park in the sky, Raisin or Virgin land. The promised awful vengeance for Yassin never came off. So now the Israelis have made those nice terrorists really mad. If they would only leave them alone, they would come over for Passover dinner. Just ignore the bulges under their coats. Little warm for coats, isn't it?

Now if the IDF and IAF would only pay Arafat a call.