Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Pathetic old yawp
So Hunter Thompson is dead. You know you're dead when Tom Wolfe writes about you in the Wall Street Journal. Thompson of course was amusing, at least the first time you read one of his items. But they all sound the same after a while. Thompson was one of those pathetic ex-hippies who don't think life is worth living unless something weird is happening every second. Reminds me of an old man at a wedding trying to get attention by standing up every so often and shouting incoherently. Regular old boring everyday life isn't good enough for him. So he never had a chance to see deeper. The most ordinary, "conformist" waitress or bank clerk, who had to put up with Thompson's childish tantrums, knew more about real life than Thompson ever was going to find out if he lived another "gonzo" lifetime. Sad.