Thursday, January 15, 2004

Well, it's happened. Here it is October 1, 2004, and the Democrats have decided not to put up a candidate to oppose President Bush in the November election. Oh, there are a few nutcase fringies out there, like the totally discredited Wesley Clark, who, after admitting that he had participated directly in creating the war plans for invading Iraq, only to disavow all knowledge of them. He is polling at less than one percent in what's left of the polls. It's been a bad summer for the pollsters. Every credible Democratic candidate self-destructed in one way or another before the Democratic Convention in Boston. On the coldest day in August in thirty-seven years, the convention broke up in fistfights over whether global warming or a new ice age was the bigger threat to the world's oppressed.
Still waiting
Drudgereport has broken a story about Wesley Clark that may just torpedo his candidacy below the waterline. It simply points out that Clark was an enthusiastic advocate of the invasion of Iraq in testimony before a Congressional committee not long before the war, and just before most of the Democrats voted for it. I keep checking, though, and none of the big media outlets have picked up on the glaring inconsistencies of Clark's statements about the war since, especially his repeated declarations that he was "always" against the war. This is psycho territory. Maybe the big boys want to make sure the transcripts are accurate before they run with the story. Or maybe - just maybe - they are reflexively covering for a Democratic candidate they think may have a better chance than Dean of beating Bush. Which is damning with faint praise, anyway!
Just tryin' to get through the territory
In Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove, Robert Urich plays a cowboy who's strung up by a sheriff played by Robert Duvall. He had been riding with a couple of psychotic killers. He pleaded that he wasn't part of the gang, he never did anything bad, he was "just tryin' to get through the territory". He had to ride with the bad guys for protection from Indians, starvation, other bad guys and, I guess, just to find his way.