Monday, September 08, 2003

Still Waiting
For my bar certification, that is. I assume if there were a problem, Florida would have notified me. Sigh. Maybe next week I'll hear something. New Hampshire hasn't got back to me yet, either. But they will. The good news today is that a whole week has gone by with no US military deaths in Iraq. Still think this is Vietnam, anyone? I can't hear you!? I don't think there was a week without a death in Nam for ten years. Just hope it continues for a while. After this is all over, we'll have quite a cadre of fighters trained in overturning and modernizing Arab and other Islamic cultures. Could come in handy. Darn, I hope I can find the URL to that Berlusconi interview the other day. What a guy! Who would think a European could have an actual brain AND guts! The Qaddafi quote is worth tracking it down. Off I go a-Googling.


Got it. And there's another, more impressionistic piece in the same Spectator. Che uomo!! OK, so they go a bit far: "Balding, beaming, bouncing multi-billionaire"?? Somebody's forgetting he's a reporter, not a novelist. Fizzy dog, indeed.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Came back from California on Wednesday night. Still trying to digest impressions. Are impressions edible? Still, they need to be chewed over, tasted slowly and carefully. Saw Bush's speech tonight. Looks like he's staying the course in World War Four, as they're calling it.