Thursday, October 24, 2013


I feel like a man dying of thirst, who is forced to carry a huge tank of water on his head and who is forbidden to drink any of the water. 

Enjoying David Warren, (Essays in Idleness) as always, and Bruce Charlton, a "usually enjoy".

Lots of intelligent people out there on the web.  Maybe it's my choice of reading, but it does seem that the men who strike me as intelligent are invariably religious.  They have interesting, quirky things to say about religion.  It is too bad that religious discourse is dying out in everyday life, but it certainly seems to be alive on certain parts of the Web.

Just happened to think what an apt analogy the "Web" is.  We are all either spiders, laying in wait for prey, putting out feeler threads and hoping someone will come along and pull them, or prey caught and sparkling with spider filaments, hanging geometrically, wrapped up and waiting to be eaten.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cooler and cooler

A front came through today to usher us into November, almost.  41 tomorrow at S-ville!  David got a deer!  It truly is  fall.  I love it.  One more summer going into a cubicle every day.

Nothing on tv tonight but Duck Dynasty.  Bit of a oe-trick pony.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rain brings cool

70 degrees this morning going to work at 6:30 and at 5PM coming home.  Sticking with the low carb diet this week, anyway.

Trying some abuela aƱejo.  From Panama.

Do I dare to smoke a pipe?  Will I ever become ripe?

I do love old movies, like The Lady Vanishes.

Gout day

I  do not like being out sick on Mondays.  Monday always passes by as in a dream.  So it's easily endured.  Thursday is the day I would prefer to take off, if I had a choice.  Already having Friday taken care of, am I getting greedy?  Perhaps.  But these ten-hour days are not that much longer, to me, than the eight-hour days I used to start at 6:30 anyway, so I could get a good parking place.  That will be the best thing about being retired.  I can avoid the crowds.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Football and writing

Found a much better way of watching football.  It's so annoying to root for one team and find them falling behind for stupid reasons.  So I'm now on the side of the offense, only.  I root for the side with the ball.  After all, I only like to see offensive plays, good runs, long passes, loong field goals.  No more agida at the score.