Sunday, February 09, 2003

Not Fair!
OK, I'm supposed to be studying for the Bar. I am studying for the bar. I take a break to do a little blogging, check out International Sentinel and see the blogroll entry for the Prague Post. I've always liked the idea of living in Prague, heard a lot about it, so I go there, bookmark it and an irresistible force leads me to this article. I mean, what's a beerophile to do? Especially when it features this photo?
Great idea - but!
Tom Friedman has a good idea for the Security Council - de-Frogicize it. But how? Does the UN Charter allow for one of the founding nations to be booted off the Security Council by majority vote? If so, why hasn't the USA been booted out long ago? And why can't France just veto such a move? And God, if we did that, would they keep sending Chateauneuf duPape to Florida? I love that stuff. By the way, the dumbass Franco/German - but I repeat myself - idea to send thousands of "lightly armed" UN troops to Iraq to enforce the arms inspectors' efforts is so lame I can't see how anyone can use it as a fig leaf to cover their lack of recognition of the threat Iraq poses. Luckily, I think we can depend on Saddam to reject it out of hand, therefore strengthening Bush's position that real war is necessary. Will the Weasels once again play into the strategy of the WeaselMaster? Stay tuned. This whole thing is getting like a too-long soap opera, with twists and turns and innovative possibilities that haven't a chance of success being bruited about as though they hadn't been brought up before (via Instapundit). DenBeste is worried about it, but he seems to have been on a bit of a hysteria kick lately. I must say his nightmare scenario featuring the French attacking US carrier battle groups must have been induced by something a little stronger than Chateauneuf duPape! He certainly does a good engineer-like job of laying out every single possibility, but enough is enough. Hmm, come to think of it, he hasn't considered the possibility that Saddam actually is French. That moustache is awfully Froggish.