Saturday, October 25, 2003

Laser hellos
Looks like laser weapons are going to happen, and not that far in the future. Now if they can get them to the point where they can stop an RPG in mid-flight, before the soldier even knows one's been fired, and he can wear it on his helmet without knowing it's there, we've got something.
Pour (de)courager les autres
IF this proves to be true, Khalid not-so-chic should be publicly executed, with as much mercy shown as he showed to Daniel Pearl. Several recent stories have rattled on about how Al Qaeda members have been killed or captured because of information given by Khalid. Perhaps now we see why he's been so cooperative. He's trying to weasel out of the electric chair. I don't care how much information he's given us, he still needs to die as publicly as possible, with his death connected directly to Daniel Pearl's. There will be other hostages taken in this war. The hostage takers need to have a lot to think about before they resolve to kill any more Americans.