Saturday, January 01, 2005

Easily kept resolutions
Well, my first New Year's resolution is going to be to make at least one New Year's resolution. Hang on, I've already done it! What a good boy am I! And to get more intellectual, play the violin more, learn enough French to really enjoy France (if that's possible!) and cure my gout.

So I've still got something to do this year after all. What a relief.

I'd like to be able to paint like this guy. Maybe I already can but I just don't know it yet. But no, I don't want to learn and study and achieve a skill, I just want it handed to me, with the full package of ambition and energy and wit and humility. Like Michelangelo was handed his talent. Or Cellini. So that's not so much a resolution as a daft fantasy.

And I would like to blog once a day, at least. There, I said it though I didn't want to. I don't like people like Lileks and Instapundit who are always apologizing for not blogging. Make me feel like I want to be handed something for nothing. Ungrateful talented sillies.