Sunday, December 21, 2003

"Otherwise unwelcome consequences"

The Guardian, biting back its bile, has reported a speech by the "stupid frat boy" about Libya's sudden compliance with rational and civilized requirements for admitting to its development and possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction, which the Left has uniformly said no Arabs ever really had and the Bushies were just lying about so they could get oil for Halliburton and blood for Jewish holiday matzohs. Funny, isn't it, how the spectacle of the great blood-thirsty warrior dragged out of a rathole by GIs inspires second thoughts on all this America-bashing? Perhaps we can send Qaddafi to Chad to be tried. I'm sure they'll be quite understanding about his treatment of their people, which after all hasn't been that different from how Semitic Muslim Arabs have treated black animist Africans for, oh, the last fifteen hundred years or so. And for their sins, they get Michael Jackson!