Saturday, October 11, 2003

Case in point
Why do I bother to blog, when articles like this say what I was meaning to say, but better? Well, maybe they don't get every nuance of meaning. Well, maybe actually they just reinforce the importance of me writing to clarify and expand on what they are saying. Hey, that's why I blog! So I had to add a lavalicious comment:

The fact that Arnold didn't have to go through a primary may have allowed us a look beneath the ossified structures of politics as usual to see what's percolating down there. We didn't have to wait for the every-four-years programmed volcano to erupt. The recall exposed the tectonic forces deep underground. To carry the metaphor to ridiculous lengths, two possibilities emerge: 1) the pressure has been relieved and the next primary season will reinforce the existing order or 2) the rift in the rocky shield has loosed a demon from far within the earth that will change everything forever. I know which one I hope it is.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Nostradamus had nothing on me!
Gee, did I call it or what? The blogosphere is alive with the sound of hoo-hoo hooing. Victory is sweet, sweeter than defeat. And I'm a sworn-in lawyer now too, all ready to go to work bringing in immigrants or keeping them out, whichever pays more. Say, you don't think the Governator needs a lawyer or two? Do they have any in Kali-furnia? Had a great feast with my family yesterday. Escargots and duck and chocolate. That's it, I can die now. There's still champagne, of course. Maybe I'll wait until New Year's to really celebrate.

I've noticed some comment here and there that Arnie means more than just more (R)s in 2004. Perhaps this is the start of a true sea change. Maybe Ventura was the John the Baptist (Isn't Ventura in Kali-furnia?) and the Savior who throws the money-changers out of the temple will be a true barbarian, beholden to no civilized party, who destroys, Samson-like, the pillars of the fossilized two-party structure we've all been voting for like good little lemmings for our whole lives. Er, not me. Haven't voted since Carter didn't carry through with zero-based budgeting. This speculation is not ripe enough for Conundrumization yet. I'll wait until the day before final victory.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Put a fork in him, vater!
A conundrum prediction - Schwarzenegger for Fuhrer! er, Governor! It doesn't look like the LA Times blowing its cover completely, visits from BJ and the support of labor is going to keep Gray-out in power. Is this a major development or what? Imagine if a recall had been possible in 1998 and the Repubs had gone all out to root BJ out of the White House? It wouldn't have worked. But of course Ahnold wouldn't have been running on the replacement ballot. That's a question I haven't seen answered. If (R)nold hadn't been running on the replacement ballot, would support for the recall stand up? Ah, I anticipate. We'll address that tomorrow, probably, after I get sworn in as a supporter of the Florida and Federal Constitutions.