Thursday, October 14, 2004

Naked spin
It was cool to see all the spinmeisters on TV utterly naked, without any clothes at all, not even clothed in plausibility. The spin-meter has gone off the scale and bears no relation to reality. I watched part of the debate and read liveblogging on the rest of it. I thought Bush clearly did better, calling out Kerry-bot 2004 on his opposition to the First Gulf War (what, not enough allies?) and his plans which contain no details except spending even more than the supposedly conservative Bush administration.

The Main Stream Media has abandoned any pretense of objectivity. Kerry-bot's weird mannerisms, his botching of the Bible and blathering about "Native American" (don't get me started) religions and his answering a question about his wife by talking about his mother and his ridiculously obvious "wink, wink" reference to Mary Cheney's lesbianism make this by far his worst performance. And yet the MSM call it a "draw" or even a win for Kerry. Absurd. Disgraceful. Inexplicable except by bias. I'm glad they're being so obvious. This is going to come back to haunt them big time, even if Bush loses. Which I have a feeling - heck, let's make it a prediction - that Bush is not going to do. I predict 52% for Bush, with 290-300 electoral votes. See, it's in print now, on the Web. It's at least as accurate as anything Taegan Goddard's ever said.

Much substance will come out of this debate to haunt Kerry, too. It's just the beginning of the most intense and interesting part of the campaign. Bush should be loaded for bear now. And, after last night, Kerry-bot's got nothing left.