Thursday, July 31, 2003

Bush saves Eden
President Bush's much-decried war against terror and terrorists has saved Eden. The former residence of Adam and Eve is being restored by water redirected from the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers after decades of conscious destruction by the Ba'athist thugocracy:
Return of the water had an immediate effect on the people whom the war had freed. They are fishing again from boats that had not floated for years. Water seems to hold the promise of reviving an old way of life. One young man, looking into the muddy brown stream, told a New York Times reporter in April, "It is like looking into the face of God."

No word on whether Cain's descendants will claim the "right of return" to their former "homeland" from which they were expelled by the Great Imperialist God of Zion. But wait a minute. That would be everyone. From one guy. And wait another minute. How did that happen, anyway?
But of course the Christian Science Monitor, represented by a former CBS sneerer, Richard C. Hottelet, cannot stand to say anything good about our Christian president, so they throw in this gratuitous slap at the end:
Meeting this need will demand the farsighted, imaginative, persuasive diplomacy that the United States, having propelled itself into Iraq, has not shown for years.
That doesn't even make any sense. "having propelled itself (and what exactly does THAT mean?)into Iraq" doesn't go with "has not shown for years". Yegads, these liberals can't even express their bankrupt ideas in clear sentences. Hottelet must have left CBS for senility.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Something's going on. Or, rather, not happening. And the thing that's not happening is American soldiers dying, yeah, I know, just for a day or two but call me crazy but I think maybe the reason every time I log in to FoxNews or CNN and do not see a headline such as "Two GIs die" or "Three Americans killed" and start thinking depressively about the families in North Carolina or Oregon or Michigan or Texas is that a sea-change has washed over Iraq. The "dead-enders" - maybe - are dead. The jihadists have been rejected by their paradise. And by the way, what ever happened to that bin Laden guy? Hey!! September 11 two years on is coming up! Let's go, Osama! Will the day of your death or execution be a holiday for all of Islam? Color me skeptical.
Looks like Saddam has confirmed what many in the America-hating West have refused to concede - that Uday and Qusay were indeed slain last week in a gunfight showdown with the shadowy Task Force 20. So those who wouldn't believe our generals and government officials have to accept the truth now that a bloody dictator has - perhaps inadvertently - made it clear to the meanest bitterest pomo collectivist that his two bloody sons are no more.

Makes you wonder though. When Saddam is dead, whose word will the blind and deaf and dumb accept? Idi Amin's? (He's only in a coma, you know, not dead yet) or Qaddafi's? Or Castro's? Kim Jong Mentally Ill? Why is it the left will only listen to those who never told the truth in their lives?

The light dawns!

And for those of you who don't understand the Middle East, don't miss this quote from the article:

"Saddam is nobody these days. He has no power, no army, no friends, what can he do now?" asked Kahtan Muhhamad.

If only George H. W. Bush had understood this, we might have been spared the last twelve years and how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi men, women and children would now be above ground who are NOT???!!!
Next time you have a toothache, think about this story about dentistry in the UK

Oh, but it's OK. The treatment is "free". And like all "free" treatment, its availablity is not determined by how much it's worth to you, the patient, but by how much some bureaucrat thinks you should have it. But why would Wales need 40 more dentists? Isn't the government running things, making sure there are always enough resources so each man has what he needs, at the expense of those who have productive ability?

Monday, July 28, 2003

The Anarchy of Democracy
Democracy at its best is nearly anarchy. No one is really in charge except the idea that no one's in charge. And now in Iraq, the beginnings of this delicious chaos appear:
But a few yards away other, humbler political parties have also set up stall, evidence of Iraq's initial burst of political activism since the downfall of Saddam Hussein.

Around the corner is the office of a Shia group, the Society of Honourable Scholars of Najaf. The Iraqi National Accord Movement, the Al-Wafaq Islamic Movement and the Royal Democratic Alliance can all be found nearby.

They are among a rash of political parties that has erupted in recent months as Iraqis revel in the style, if not the substance, of political freedom.

But, pace the Telegraph, I believe the substance is there too. For it is not really the spirit of compromise that's at the heart of democracy, it's fierce partisanship, a free market in the truth. The only restraint that a real democracy can stomach is swift and effective punishment of physical violence. But that is necessary. The reaction of the average Iraqi to the deaths of Uday and Qusay may be the first sign that the consensus against physical violence has been reached, or at least that the society is a lot closer than it's been in - well - forever. The balance of power among Kurds, Shi'ites, Sunnis and even those remaining Ba'athists and Communists who agree to renounce violence will assure a mighty interesting political scene in Iraq for some time. And no more mass graves, people shredders, fat lions and palaces.
Too easy
Sometimes this blogging thing is just too easy. In an article that may be referred to for decades to show everybody how wacky the 00's were, New York is apparently opening a high school for the otherly sexed. So, OK, I have to ask: What's the entrance exam going to be? Show tunes or hairstyles? HA! And I don't want to know about the hazing. It's just not RIGHT. And that dress code, well, deary, he should have known those tights didn't go with those heels!!? It's right there in shocking pink! Say, is there a privacy policy, or can we make sure that Pat and Jan and Leslie really are the same - uh - kind of thing? Wouldn't want any diversity in these classrooms. How long before some dirty young male cuts his hair short and puts on blue jeans and a leather jacket and pretends to be a girl, just to get next to someone else who may after all have been pretending as well! Chromosome testing for everyone in the cafeteria!!! Say, didn't the Marquis de Sade do all this a long long time ago? And without any public money?