Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jury duty

Boy, the contact with the unwashed masses makes me deadly tired.  Why is it so large a proportion of the population is fat?  And I do mean fat?  Not just the 198 I am living with now, but, not, I hope, for long, but an extra century rolling about.  How do they get around corners without falling over?

Anyway, I didn't get picked for jury duty.  I guess that means I'm good for a while.  Maybe Airplane Repo helped.  And I got a part of a day off.  That's extra good.  Back at work now trying to have fun.  Getting my calls up to date, reading a bit.  I have really been keeping up lately.  Becoming effortless.  Can't wait for my last year - I think it might be good.  And then that big tank of water comes off my head and I get a nice long drink.

Talking to a legislator today was fun.  Would I like to be a consultant?  Sure, to a publishing firm for megabucks.