Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Responding to terror

The horrific massacre by a Palestinian mass murderer in Jerusalem requires a response. His house and all his family's possessions that can be traced should be destroyed or confiscated. The university in Nablus he went to and where he was apparently recruited should be razed to the ground. My God! The Euro-weenies call the Israelis Nazis. Do they have any idea what the SS would have done if the French resistance had exploded a bomb on a bus in Germany and the bomber's family had crowed about it in public? There wouldn't have been anything left of the area of France the bomber was from. And the French are an actual nation. And the Nazis were real monsters.
Soccer, Wolfram and even a puzzle

I've been absorbed in the twelfth chapter of Wolfram, which appears to be as complicated - and interesting - as the rest of the book so far, which is saying something. I've even been taking notes. I'll be posting summaries soon. I'm at school with professor Wolfram. It bothers me maybe a bit that he's ten + years younger than I am, but I'm not letting that stop me. My mornings have been obsessed with the latest soccer games from Korea and Japan, which, too bad, just was ousted by Turkey at about 4:30 Tallahassee time. Korea's fighting for its life against Turkey, down 1-0. I did, yes, get my copy of Maltby's latest puzzle from Harper's and am liking it. It's nearly as intricate this time as one of Wolfram's automata. Hey, wouldn't that be a discovery? Automata using cryptic clues! Ha! Sorry, too much coffee and enough Wolfram for now.

Another suicide bombing in Jerusalem. When are the Israelis going to get really mad and just resettle the Palestinians, to, oh, say, Madagascar? Judea and Samaria fully Jewish again would make it so much harder for Hamas and Hezbollah to operate there.