Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Ventura body-slam?
The so-called "memorial service" for Paul Wellstone which turned into a political rally may have backfired on the Democrats. In the following article," - Ventura Upset Over Wellstone Service", Ventura talks about appointing an Independent instead of a Democrat to take the open seat until the new electee is seated. What if he appoints Tim Penny, who's behind in the race for Minnesota governor? When Penny withdraws, most of his votes will go to the Republican, Pawlenty. So the Democrats may lose a Senate seat, at least temporarily, AND a governorship for a full term because of their clownish and despicable behavior. When an ex-rassler sets the standard for decent behavior, the Democratic Party has truly "jumped the shark"!

Don't miss Vodkapundit's right-on reaction. The comments rule, as well.

Last update - and last straw!
In this article on a Minnesota news site, the Wellstone campaign chairman "apologizes" for the tone of the "memorial service", but begs indulgence on the grounds of the recent death of Wellstone! This is like saying, "Sorry we didn't act like someone near and dear to us just died, but, you must understand, someone near and dear to us just died!!" I think it's telling that the campaign chairman had to apologize, not Kahn or Bubba or Mondull (yes, I know it's a cliche, but sometimes cliches are just so damn accurate!). He just doesn't understand how desperate the Democrats are and the lengths to which they will go to win. I don't always - or even usually - agree with Rush Limbaugh on things, but on this he's absolutely right. My eyes have been opened wide to the nature of the Democratic political killing machine. They will not rest until their collectivist agenda is implemented. And, as with Al Qaeda, they can only be resisted by those as committed as they are. And I now am as committed to freedom, capitalism and truth as they are to socialism, poverty and death.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

My reaction, stimulated by this back-and-forth on The Light of Reason about Wellstone's death, is as follows:
My problem with the reaction to Wellstone's death is the implication that he set an admirable example of passion and loyalty. His principles were wrong, his passion was misplaced. His only possible saving grace is that he didn't really believe in the inevitable results of the collectivist ideology he espoused. So his defenders are reduced to denying that he would have let his country turn into the socialist hell his proclaimed principles make inevitable. But that makes nonsense of their claims that he "deeply believed in" his ideals. If he did, he was dangerous and it is good that he may be replaced by someone less collectivist. If he didn't, he was just another hypocritical politician and his death makes no difference. Many more of those are waiting to replace him.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Reparations for black crime

I was thinking about the whining about reparations for slavery and every other bump in the road of history. And it struck me, OK, if blacks can ask for reparations from whites for slavery, why can whites not demand reparations from blacks for the hugely disproportionate amount of violent crime committed by blacks in, say, the last fifty years? Just think of the amount of blood and money expended because of the lawlessness of a good number of, usually, young black men, aided and abetted and excused by their "leaders". Collective punishment works both ways. If it is right in one situation, it is good in another. Then we'd have to start deducting disproportionate welfare costs, the expenses associated with the health costs of improper diets and smoking and drug use, which produce a much higher death rate among blacks. Yes, it is imperative that we judge each citizen by the color of his skin, no matter what his individual history may be, and make sure he pays the same as every other member of his racial group, calculated according to the sins of that group. It's only fair.