Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Here it is 12:30 in the morning Wednesday after the polls have closed in Kentucky and Mississippi - OK, they're on Central Time and Tallahassee's on Eastern Time - and I can't get anyone to admit that Haley Barbour has actually won the MS governor's race. Not CNN, not ABC, not even Fox, which isn't as conservative as it's portrayed. It's weird. It's like Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Hey, you don't think he's hiding out in the PBS studio in Tallahassee, do you?? Nah. The Dems gave up on KY pretty early, and they were ecstatic about the black beating the Jew in Philly, but do you think they had any idea that George W and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz might have helped Haley Barbour become Governor of Mississippi? When neither Clinton nor McAuliffe nor Dean nor, God help us, Kucinich, can go south of the Mason-Dixon line at the risk of their political lives and those that they're trying to help? The Dems better consider if they can win the 2004 presidential race with Philadelphia and Vermont. 'Cause that's all they've got.